About Us

We teach people of all ages, schools, businesses, for travel and fun!

We are a small language school in Tábor, a town in Southern Bohemia. We offer English lessons with a native speaker.

Our focus is on courses for children from 3 years old and up, but we also have individual and small group lessons for adults. Our main office is in the city center of Tábor (Náměstí Fr. Křižíka), but we also have offsite courses in Kindergartens and schools in the surrounding area. We offer team-teaching in these offsite courses, so that the English-speaking teacher is not alone. Our goal is to teach through communication rather than grammar, so we set up natural lessons where we sing, dance, play instruments, and have fun with students. For older students, we practice grammar and vocabulary in context, so that the main focus is fluid and fluent speaking. We have a good selection of coursebooks, but we like to use supplementary materials, as well. Also, we offer week-long projects in the local schools, wherein we teach larger groups of students through games, activities, and situational roleplays. Last year our topic for the project was holidays and school—other topics have include shopping, food, and navigating the city.



From Our Teachers


Hi I’m Maddie and I’m currently an English teacher at English With a Native Speaker. I’ve been an ESL teacher for about two years. Last year I taught at a language school in Moscow, Russia. I’ve been in Tabor since September and absolutely love the city and the people here! The town itself is a good size, around 30,000 people, and is in a great location, about an hour and a half south of Prague. During my time in Tabor, I’ve taught children from 3 years old up to adult students. I like having the balance of teaching both children and older students, because each have something special to offer. Teaching gives me the opportunity to get to know new people and cultures I might never have known otherwise, and I feel grateful to have been able to come to Tabor and have the experiences I’ve had.


My name is Kevin Dougherty and I am an ESL teacher currently working in Tabor, Czech Republic. I would highly recommend to any future applicants to consider this as their next destination. If you truly want to experience all that this wonderful country has to offer then Tabor is the place for you. The locals are extremely friendly, welcoming, and eager to share their culture. Working with Martina was a very rewarding experience. She is incredibly helpful and willing to assist in any way that she can.  An additional benefit is the variety of resources available in the classroom including books, worksheets, games etc.  I strongly encourage applicants to consider this position.

We would like to thank all the directors of kindergartens and schools who will allow their pupils to test their English skills in communication with a native speaker. The center of gravity of our courses is precisely in kindergartens and schools.